I guess Lenovo Y580 has caused a lot of problem with all kinds of Linux installation b/c they install Windows in a strange way.

I tried both Ubuntu and Fedora. Fedora doesn't let me install and reported lack of GPT partition.

Ubuntu installed, but it still boot into Window. You know what, I almost want to get rid of the Windows!!! However, I have to admit that their Window is optimized and very fast. So I want to keep it.

I have the same problem as mentioned there

The original question was focused on partitioning and then mentioned bootloader. They are smart enough to solve the bootloader problem. However, I am not. I don't even know what MBR, GPT, UEFI,... were before running into this problem.

It is marked "Solved" and I don't know if people still look at it.

In short, Lenovo comes with 4 primary partitions and I get rid of one and resized one. Therefore, I have 3 primary for Windows and empty space (220 GB)

Then in Ubutun live USB, I partitioned the empty space into 210G Ext4 and mounted as / (sda4 logical) and 2G as Linux swap.

For where to install grub, I tried both sda( I guess the whole disk), and sda4 ( the 210 Ext4 as mentioned before)

The installation went through. However, it boots to Windows 7 every time!!!

I tried on BIOS, both enable and disable UEFI. No luck.

I read a little bit about MBR, GPT, UEFI and got some concept. However, I have no idea how to make my Linux partition GPT and bootable.

I don't even know what kind of partition the pre-installed Windows is.

Would you mind telling me how exact should I set up dual boot on Y580. Maybe we can create a Wiki page for Lenovo Ideapad Y580.

Here is one for Arch Linux

I think it is way too complicated to follow.

And this is the post for Fedora

I still don't know the answer.

Thanks a lot!