I do Windows admin for money... working towards Linux because I want to. I know NTFS, global and local groups, and how to make a Windows server dish out file exactly the way I want. I want to be that way in the Linux world.

I have a reasonable handle on the Linux user:group stuff, the tools, etc. I've been running home shares from a Linux server for several years and managed to get both NFS and Samba working. I know I could implement ACLs and work the way I do in Windows. However, I've learned over the last while that while I can beat Linux into sort of working like Windows... that's generally not the right way to go.

Are there any decent guides for how to set up share/group structures in Linux the Linux way? I mean, if I've got 2 or more groups of people... how do I grant them different permissions to the files in the same folder? Yeah, ACLs will do it... but I expect people have been doing that in Linux long before ACLs were implemented.

What's the Linux way? Multiple shares to the same files? Symlinks? What? How would old-school Linux gurus manage a bunch of group data on a server?