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Thread: HOW TO: Set up the HP TX2z and Dell XT & XT2 (N-trig digitizer) in Ubuntu

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    Re: HOW TO: Set up the HP TX2z and Dell XT & XT2 (N-trig digitizer) in Ubuntu

    Hi brett and everyone,

    Call for N-Trig on evdev Magick Rotation testers.

    Just back up or rename your current in the magick-rotation folder and use the attached one instead.

    Gone through a good chunk of the code now. Fixed a showstopper "bug" for the Nvidia proprietary driver. Although not sure if any N-Trig tablet PCs use a Nvidia video card. But at least a travel mouse using evdev will now work in tablet mode. Added a few sorts.

    Went through the the first rotation CTM code and confirmed it looks good. So the problem is with the "new" stuff that deals with when a second monitor is connected to the tablet PC. Fixed that by simple disabling the values that part of the code was assigning to the coordinate transform matrix.

    So should now basically be working and functioning as it did before the second monitor stuff was added. Hopefully with no bugs now.

    Mathmatically I think I have a pretty good idea what's going wrong with the second monitor code. Going through the code and identifying and fixing the problem(s) is another story. That may take a while. Doesn't look like Jayhawk is going to ride to the rescue.

    Brett I don't know. Is the second monitor connected feature important to you? Something you are using? I'm trying to figure out what priority I should give it.

    Provided this test works after testing should I do a bug fix release of Magick with it? Or should I wait until I have the second monitor stuff doped out? What's everyone's opinion?
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