Ok, I decided to power down last night and see how it was this morning, it won't connect at all so far and it has been running for about an hour and a half.

I haven't connected my Belkin dongle yet, sometimes when I'm on line with the Belkin, the Airport decides it wants to play too. Of course, yesterday it connected all by itself. My usual routine when trying to connect is to authenticate and let it run its course trying to make the connection. But when it doesn't connect I leave it offline, that is when it usually connects on its own, not so far today, though???

When I had the Ubuntu 12.10 install running, I tried all the workarounds and still didn't get a connection, except when I went back to the initial set up and then it was intermittent like it is now in L' without the workarounds. It makes me wonder what the problem could actually be???? Unfortunately, I am not a programmer or debugging guru so I wouldn't have a clue where to start or what to look for!#!#!# So, are the workarounds even worth the effort? They didn't work for me in U' 12.10 and I probably won't bother with them in L' 12.04?!?!?!?!

As to my swap size, the install set it at 841Mb, I don't remember setting anything so the system would have set it at that size. I have 640 Mb RAM, is that enough swap? I still have plenty of HD space to increase if necessary.

Thanks for your interest and help, 2blue.