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Thread: Boot with Ubuntu.

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    Question Boot with Ubuntu.

    Hello there.
    I am making a server and I will use Linux Ubuntu 10.04.
    I have Windows 7 Ultimate installed.
    I do not have CD/DVD Rom so I will be using a Memory USB.
    How do I do it?
    Is there any easy ways like using a program that installs it for me?
    I am not interested in Dual Boots.
    The best regards,

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    Re: Boot with Ubuntu.

    Instructions for making a bootable USB drive to install from are on the website:

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    Re: Boot with Ubuntu.

    Go to and download the .ISO image, that page also has instructions on how to put it on a USB stick if you're using Windows.

    10.04 is due to go end-of-life in less than a year, so the best version to download is 12.04, which is supported for another five years. That's the default version that you download from the website.

    All you need to do is boot your machine up from the USB stick and run the installer. It'll ask a couple of very simple questions and off you go.

    Were you aware that by default the server version of Ubuntu does not include a graphical interface, and that once it's installed it will boot into a command line? For more info check out the Server Guide.

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    Arrow Re: Boot with Ubuntu.

    Ill try.
    Thank you! =)

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