Hey, I'm new one here. A new fan of Ubuntu.

So, I have installed my first Ubuntu quite a long time ago. I installed it using Wubi on Windows 7. Then I upgraded to Windows 8 Consumer Preview and deleted all my files and programs. When I had Windows 8 installed, I tried to boot my computer to Ubuntu. I couldn't do it, some error came on the screen. Later on I installed Ubuntu through Wubi again. Now it worked, but it seemed I had two Ubuntu-s installed. The new option worked perfectly. Then I tried to boot into old Ubuntu version. The one I had installed on Win7. I booted into old Ubuntu. But it was a fresh installation, there was nothing mine. I restarted my computer, booted into my new Ubuntu and everything was gone, all my settings, files, everything. It was like a fresh install. I was OK with that, as I didn't have too much work done in Ubuntu. I decided to delete it. Like a program, from Windows. I could delete my new version, but i couldn't delete the old version of Ubuntu.

So, has anybody any idea how to delete Ubuntu, installed from Wubi, but not from Control Panel in Windows?

Sorry for my English, not my first language.