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Thread: Do you use Ubuntu 12.04 64bit on your Chromebook?

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    Talking Do you use Ubuntu 12.04 64bit on your Chromebook?

    I came across this post from It is a post about Installing 12.04 on your Chromebook. Give me your thoughts.

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    Re: Do you use Ubuntu 12.04 64bit on your Chromebook?

    I used it to install Ubuntu on my Chromebook : it works really well. The process is fairly simple if you follow step by step carefuly.
    And the result is really pleasing, Ubuntu is really fast on the Chromebook. The only drawback at this time is the Bluetooth, though I'm searching for a solution. The rest of the hardware is supported out of the box, the battery life is ENORMOUS (over 9h). Typing from 12.04 on my Chromebook right now : pure geek pleasure

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    Question Delete Key Chrubuntu 12.04

    I am running Chrubuntu 12.04 on Samsung Chromebook Series 5 and it works quite well. I had to install 11.04 and update all the way trough to 12.04 as the 12.04 script provided by Jay Lee only works for 64-bit. Because Google has changed back to 32-bit with its latest ChromeOS version I had to update to 12.04.

    However, I am missing some keys such as the 'Delete' key which is on ChromeOS ALT+Backspace but this combo is not working on Chrubuntu.

    Has anyone found a solution to this issue yet?

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