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Thread: Hauppauge HVR-2250 With Mythbuntu

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    Re: Hauppauge HVR-2250 With Mythbuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by tgm4883 View Post
    Sounds like you've got something setup wrong. You should only need to scan once per video source, so since both sides of the card should be using the same video source, you should only need to scan once.

    In mythtv-setup, can you provide a screenshot of step 2 (capture cards)? I'd like to know how many cards are listed there and what they say.
    I have two capture cards: an older HVR-1600, on which the mechanical coax connector is broken; hence it is only an analog tuner now - that is on /dev/video0. Then my HVR-2250, on video1/adapter1 and video2/adapter2 (see first image)

    Both digital tuners on the HVR-2250 are set up exactly the same way: DVB-DTV capture card, Samsung S5H1411 QAM is the Frontend ID, Max Recordings 2. I have had this card for a couple of years, and have found that by setting Max Recordings 2, I can in fact record two digital streams as long as both streams are broadcast on the same freqid i.e., I can record 88-172 and 88-173 at the same time, but I cannot record 88-172 and 99-501 at the same time (under those conditions, Myth used to schedule the second tuner to cover the second recording). Used to work great because TW used to group the different PBS stations on the same freqid.

    I've been running this hardware fine for years now (one of the reasons I still have the HVR-1600 around is I bought the 2250 before the analog drivers were finalized). 12.04/0.25 seems to be giving me trouble.

    And just to reiterate - I only seem to be having trouble recently with tuner 2.1 (encoder 19). I agree, I should be able to scan once and have all the tuners rely on that map. But when I started to get "B" filesize recordings using tuner 2.1, I started to investigate...


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