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Thread: Problem Cloning NTFS Volume

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    Problem Cloning NTFS Volume

    Hi everybody,
    I've been trying to clone a 300GiB windows volume onto a 750GiB hard drive because I'm running out of storage space. The image is(ideally) going from a 500GiB hard disk with another 200GiB ext4 volume onto a completely blank 750GiB hard drive. I've been trying to use GParted, while booted into the previously mentioned 200GiB partition, to copy the entire filesystem, but after a while it says that it's hit a bad sector, the disk is faulty, and that I should try using some kind of --rescue option. For which program, I really don't know. When I boot into the windows volume, there are no problems, no read errors, and all of my programs work. All of the system utilities and third party utilities that I use(except for GParted) say that all of my disks are healthy. I'm really confused. Any additional information on what may be going on is greatly appreciated. At this point I don't know for sure whether my hard drive is healthy or failing. I'd really like to try this --rescue thing, but I don't know what command(s) to append that to. Thanks for the help. Here's the full log file:

    GParted 0.7.0 --enable-libparted-dmraid

    Libparted 2.3

    Copy /dev/sda2 to /dev/sdd (start at 1.00 MiB) 00:35:46 ( ERROR )

    calibrate /dev/sda2 00:00:00 ( SUCCESS )

    path: /dev/sda2
    start: 206848
    end: 586144347
    size: 585937500 (279.40 GiB)
    check file system on /dev/sda2 for errors and (if possible) fix them 00:00:08 ( SUCCESS )

    ntfsresize -P -i -f -v /dev/sda2

    ntfsresize v2.0.0 (libntfs 10:0:0)
    Device name : /dev/sda2
    NTFS volume version: 3.1
    Cluster size : 4096 bytes
    Current volume size: 299999994368 bytes (300000 MB)
    Current device size: 300000000000 bytes (300000 MB)
    Checking for bad sectors ...
    Checking filesystem consistency ...
    Accounting clusters ...
    Space in use : 276158 MB (92.1%)
    Collecting resizing constraints ...
    Estimating smallest shrunken size supported ...
    File feature Last used at By inode
    $MFT : 145153 MB 0
    Multi-Record : 300000 MB 324041
    $MFTMirr : 1 MB 1
    Compressed : 288569 MB 86115
    Sparse : 295209 MB 57534
    Ordinary : 300000 MB 116070
    You might resize at 276157108224 bytes or 276158 MB (freeing 23842 MB).
    Please make a test run using both the -n and -s options before real resizing!
    create empty partition 00:00:01 ( SUCCESS )

    path: /dev/sdd1
    start: 2048
    end: 1465147391
    size: 1465145344 (698.64 GiB)
    set partition type on /dev/sdd1 00:00:00 ( SUCCESS )

    new partition type: ntfs
    copy file system of /dev/sda2 to /dev/sdd1 00:35:37 ( ERROR )

    ntfsclone -f --overwrite /dev/sdd1 /dev/sda2

    NTFS volume version: 3.1
    Cluster size : 4096 bytes
    Current volume size: 299999993856 bytes (300000 MB)
    Current device size: 300000000000 bytes (300000 MB)
    Scanning volume ...
    100.00 percent completed
    Accounting clusters ...
    Space in use : 276158 MB (92.1%)
    Cloning NTFS ...
    ************************************************** ***********************
    * WARNING: The disk has bad sector. This means physical damage on the *
    * disk surface caused by deterioration, manufacturing faults or other *
    * reason. The reliability of the disk may stay stable or degrade fast. *
    * Use the --rescue option to efficiently save as much data as possible! *
    ************************************************** ***********************
    ERROR: Disk is faulty, can't make full backup!
    ntfsclone v2.0.0 (libntfs 10:0:0)

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    Re: Problem Cloning NTFS Volume

    Try Clonezilla. Normally used for backups, it can also clone one drive to another. It's not the most user-friendly system, but it works.

    Once the drive has been cloned, you can use GParted to move and resize the ext4 partition, and Windows to resize the NTFS one.
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