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Yes, but there is nothing wrong with offering closed source software on in an open source ecosystem. Its all about choice. If the fact that you dont have access to the source and cant redistribute it bothers you, dont install it.
I couldn't agree more. I prefer open source software when available, but it's all about choice. There are certain applications which just don't have solid FOSS equivalents, and I'm more than happy to shell out the money to purchase good closed source software if it offers something I can't get with FOSS. The RAW image converter I use is closed source because I've tried every FOSS RAW image converter on the market, and none of them suit my particular needs. I don't have the slightest hesitation when it comes to shelling out the money for one that does suit my needs.

Gaming is no different. There are a few great FOSS games, and a lot of okay FOSS games, but the FOSS gaming community just can't compete with software developers that have huge budgets and paid programmers.

Best of all, my understanding is that L4D2 uses the Source gaming engine, which is the same engine used by MANY of Valves titles. Once that engine is ported, porting a large number of their best selling titles will be trivial.