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Thread: conky setup

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    conky setup

    Hey! I found this nice conky theme, and i really want to try it.

    I have downloaded it and tried to install it. But it wont work. I got two text files, conkypi and conkypiclo and i dont know which i should put in conkyrc.

    i get an error message: This program is calling the Imlib call:


    With the parameter:


    being NULL. Please fix your program.
    why is that?

    Can someone please guide me how to install this theme?

    i use LXDE in Wattos.


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    Re: conky setup

    The included start script ( is written to load
    conky -c ~/.conkypi &
    conky -c ~/.conkypiclo
    So rename conkypi and conkypiclo to .conkypi
    and .conkypiclo and place in your home folder.
    The preceding dot makes the files hidden.(To show hidden in the file browser...ctrl+h)

    The path to the lua script in the conkypi config is ~/scripts/qtpi.lua
    so place qtpi.lua in ~/scripts
    Create the scripts folder if you don't have one.

    Right click on the start script ( and properties > permissions
    and mark execute.
    Click on and run. Conky should start after 20secs.
    Try the below fix for the Imlib errror before running.

    Comment out the line in ~/.conkypi that contains ${downspeedf ppp0}...(Line #64)
    ${color FFFFFF}${goto 135}${voffset 75}${font Galga Bold:size=10}${swapperc}%${color ffffff}${voffset 12}${goto 130}${font Galga Bold:size=9}SWAP${font}${color ffffff}${goto 140}${voffset 12}${font RsbillsDng:size=15}w${font}
    ${color 000000}${goto 134}${voffset 28}${font Galga Bold:size=10}${fs_used_perc /}%${color 000000}${voffset 12}${goto 126}${font Galga Bold:size=9}FlSys${font}
    ${color ffffff}${goto 24}${voffset 65}${font Galga Bold:size=9}${memperc}%
    ${color ffffff}${goto 25}${font Galga Bold:size=9}RAM${font}  ${color ffffff}${voffset -12}${goto -30}${font RsbillsDng:size=15}H${font}
    ${color 000000}${goto 130}${voffset -30}${font Galga Bold:size=9}${battery_percent}%${color 000000}${voffset 12}${goto 133}${font Galga Bold:size=9}BAT${font}
    ${color 000000}${goto 135}${voffset 50}${font Galga Bold:size=9}${cpu cpu0}%${font}${color 000000}${voffset 12}${goto 134}${font Galga Bold:size=9}CPU${font}
    #${color 000000}${goto 135}${voffset 110}${font Galga Bold:size=9}${downspeedf ppp0}K${font}${color 000000}${voffset 12}${goto 127}${font Galga Bold:size=9}MobDn${font}              ${color ffffff}${voffset -20}${goto}${font RsbillsDng:size=15}G${font}  ${color ffffff}${voffset -8}${goto -10}${font Galga Bold:size=9}${upspeedf ppp0}K${font}
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