I'd like to support a company that sells pre-installed linux, but.....

I'm not a gamer, so the integrated Intel graphics is fine with me. I don't think I would notice a big difference between the i5 and i7 processors, and would prefer longer battery life. I haven't yet searched to see how big a difference in battery life there is between the two.

The System76 batteries seem to be weaker than others. I am seeing battery lives of 6 hours on forums for other brands of laptops. These are users and not marketing claims. Since the hardware is similar, I assume its the batteries. Posts on here are saying 3 to 4+ hours for general use, with a fresh battery. That doesn't seem very good for a 14" with integrated graphics. Are there 3rd party batteries with more power for the System76? The other reason for asking is if System76 went belly up, I'd still be able to get batteries in the future.

Is there significant differences in battery life between the Lemur and Gazelle?

I am leaning toward the Lemur, or possibly the Gazelle. I think the Lemur's resolution is ok for a 14" but would want the higher resolution of the Gazelle for the 15".

How high of a resolution is possble on the VGA port to an external monitor? I'd like to see 1600x1200 or better. I will be connectint to an external monitor at times.

Can the Lemur put out 1080p hdmi to a TV?

How's the WIFI reception with the bluetooth option card?

I heard lots of good things about System76 and the quality of the laptops seem to be very good.

Thanks in advance for any help with these questions.