First time using Kubuntu 12.04 I like the environment well and I'm already bumping up to problems.
My Auzentech Hometheater 7.1 sound card does not run very well,
It gets recognized, plays audio fine but I have two problems:
1) In Analog Surround 5.1 Output profiles the sound is too low even if the speakers are in Max Volume (both in Volume panel and the hardware control panel [Speakers: Logitech 5500 5.1)
2) There is no Digital 5.1 profile (SPDIF)

Before starting this thread I tried googling....
I stumbled upon on Pulse Audio and Alsa, if I understood correctly that's what the audio drivers Linux uses for this audio hardware but I couldn't figure or find what Kubuntu 12.04 uses and I refrained from touching anything and so I preferred asking for enlightenment here

Thanks for reading.