Hello all,

I have a HP DV4-1224 and it has windows vista installed. I attempted to install Ubuntu through the windows installer and everything seemed fine. The WLAN led was red and when i tried to activate it, nothing happened. through a lot of searching, i see that i may need to install the updated app package. problem is that i do not have any other source of internet. I know my way around unix pretty well from my time in the military but i am admittedly a newb here. If i can install the updates on a flash drive and install it, can anyone please help walk me through that process. i can download and get back to ubuntu to install but where, how do i proceed from there to install it? Thanks much and if you need a screen snap or printout of a command line let me know. Might take me a few to get it over but i am sure i can get it done, thanks much