Sorry to complain folks, but I've inherited a 17" USB-1 g4 iLamp, and it's worked great but I seem unable to play h.264 mkv video - I always get the following error: "could not find gstramer caps for ffmpg codec h.264". mp4 video get's the same error. I don't have any mpeg2 video, ogg-vorbits or webm to try. Xvid seems to work.

As a workaround, WinFF hangs in mid-launch and Lubuntu has to force-kill it, so down-converting video seems out of the question at the moment. Flash seems EoL'ed. Even if I can get the html5 version of youtube to work, a lot of other sites complain that I need to upgrade to another version of flash, both in Midori and Firefox.

There wouldn't happen to be a MacOS or iOS cousin to WINE, by chance, so that I could extract PPC MacOS h.264 codecs and have that be that?