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Thread: Splitting FLAC files in different sub-directories

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    Splitting FLAC files in different sub-directories

    TO ADMINS: Sorry I created this thread in the devel section, please move it to "encoding and programming language" (dont remember the exact name)... thx

    Hi there:

    I have 33 sub-directories with 33 flac files and their respective cue files. I have found some code to split it:

    That works well for each of the sub-directories, but I was wondering if, instead of going one sub-directory by one, there is an automated way of doing it (for example, a script that searches for all FLAC and CUE files inside the directory that contains the 33 sub-directories).

    Also, for the same script:

    I'd rather have the output in the same sub-directory, not in a newly created "split" sub-directory, as it happens with this code (notice the "mkdir split" lines in each of the audio formats. I have tried with removing that line, but then the script gives error. What else do I have to edit to achieve this?

    Please compare:


            mkdir split
            shnsplit -d split -f *.cue -o "flac flac -V --best -o %f -" *.flac -t "%n %p - %t"
            rm -f split/00*pregap*
   *.cue split/*.flac
    will this one work?

            shnsplit -d -f *.cue -o "flac flac -V --best -o %f -" *.flac -t "%n %p - %t"
            rm -f split/00*pregap*
   *.cue split/*.flac
    I dont know which "split" are the ones that make reference to the directory and what others, if any, are needed to perform the action of split. I got rid of one, but I dont have a clue. Help appreciated
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