Hey everyone, I'm new to Ubuntu and have very limited knowledge of computers in general so if you decide to help talk to me with baby words! I have been trying to run a Nintendo 64 emulator for the past couple days but I knew nothing about what I was doing. If you do, can you post a step-by-step for me so that I can play my games?

In the past I tried using mupen64plus. After installing it I went to the location of my rom file and tried to click open with... and it didn't have mupen64plus as an option under other applications. I also, briefly, had Project64 running on WINE but had no idea what I was doing and it just stopped working. I couldn't even open wine after that so i uninstalled it, as well as mupen64plus.

I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 on an Asus EEE PC Netbook, 32-bit I believe (whatever that means). Again, i really have no idea what I'm doing with a computer so you'll have to talk simple. Thanks