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Thread: Pressing Dash Home freezes computer

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    Cool Pressing Dash Home freezes computer

    Hi everyone

    My 12.04 used to work normally until some time ago, it freezes when I press Dash Home. The mouse cursor stops, I can't switch to text consoles, keyboard doesn't work. I can only hard reset the machine.
    Ubuntu 2D seems to work fine. I tried to change my nvidia drivers in Additional Drivers in Settings but didn't help.
    Any ideas, please?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Pressing Dash Home freezes computer

    I have the same problem on my laptop. I have 12.10 32 bit on my laptom with disk incription. When ever I click on Dash Home the system locks and I have to power off to clear the hang. I have the exact same setup on my desktop except it is 12.10 64 bit and do not have any problems. I need to get this corrected as I am leaving the country and need to take my laptop for business and I want to keep the full disc encryption. I would appreciate any help. Thank you

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