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Thread: iphone/ipod syncing for a dummy

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    Angry iphone/ipod syncing for a dummy

    Yo, so I know almost nothing about technology and the only reason I'm on ubuntu is because I can't stand windows and I can't afford a mac. Maybe that was a bad decision but I'm not going to uninstall it now, haha...

    So basically the only problem I have is that I can't ever get music onto my iPhone (or my iPod)... My iPhone isn't jailbroken, does it have to be? Was that just assumed and I missed it?

    I know I'm just supposed to be able to use Rhythmbox or Banshee or something but none of them work. Like, the files will physically go to the device but they don't show up when I go to listen to them. Help?

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    Re: iphone/ipod syncing for a dummy

    Have you seen this?

    Have you tried gtkpod?

    I do understand it can be frustrating, one of the reasons I got rid of my ipod and purchased an android so when I plug it in I can just copy and paste the music files into the music folder and then they show up on my phone.
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    Re: iphone/ipod syncing for a dummy

    hmmmm I'll try gtkpod. Yeah I'm really thinking about going android next.

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