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I've managed to get Ubuntu up and running on my UX31A. By upgrading to the Quantal kernel the trackpad is working better, I've got the Fn keys working all right, but I can't seem to get the Ubuntu bootloader to take over from Windows.

I've reinstalled about a dozen times but nothing seems to make a difference. Whatever the installation process is doing, it's not making grub the default bootloader. Right now the only way for me to boot into Ubuntu is to have a bootable USB key attached.

Can anyone help?
If you used the 'advanced/manual' way of partitioning and did not let the installer to recreate everything, you have to make sure that you have created a uefi partition larger than 200Mb and after that you specified the grubloader to be installed on /dev/sda (automatically is set to /dev/sdb for a reason i do not really understand).

What i did to fix this was to create the uefi partition using gparted and after that follow this instructions to reinstall grub: http://www.howopensource.com/2012/05...4-live-cd-usb/