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Thread: Kernel Updates on LemU4, PanP9, and GazP7 Laptops

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    Exclamation Kernel Updates on LemU4, PanP9, and GazP7 Laptops

    NOTE: The new, updated kernel is now available in the normal update channels, and this method is no longer necessary.

    Hi all!

    The last few weeks has been a turbulent time for these laptops. There were a couple of issues regarding crashing and freezing that were introduced with the new kernel in Ubuntu 12.04.

    There is a new kernel update being readied for release. It will be available very soon. We will notify users experiencing these issues on how to update to the new kernel once it is available. This will solve the problem completely. In order to receive notifications regarding these steps, please open a support case on our website by logging into your account.

    The kernel is the core program of an Operating System. It's a very vital part of the system, and any errors in it can show up in many different places. Ubuntu uses the Linux kernel, and by default uses version 3.2 in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.

    We currently advise against manually installing future kernel versions (3.3 and higher), as these are not official Ubuntu kernels and may cause other issues with the system. The fix for this issue in kernel version 3.4 has been backported into the new update to be made available soon, so installing a newer kernel is not needed.
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