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Thread: unity/oneiric disable alt+click drag

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    unity/oneiric disable alt+click drag

    Hey there, how do I disable alt+click-drag to move windows? I need alt+click to download links in my browser.

    Maverick used to have a 'windows' cpanel to adjust stuff like that.

    EDIT: Found it in compiz CCSM!

    Needs to be moved out of there IMO or CCSM needs to be fixed, half the settings there seem to crash the deskop!
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    Re: unity/oneiric disable alt+click drag

    This doesn't work for me. In CCSM I disabled the "Enable Move Window" option. It doesn't change anything. Also If I edit the "Initiate Window Move" option and disable the shortcut it doesn't work either. If I close CCSM and reopen, the disabled shortcut was set back to it's default.

    This is quite frustrating, ALT steps on a hotkey I need in another application.

    I am using Ubuntu 12.04 running Unity 3D.

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