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Thread: Two LAN cards in one PC

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    Two LAN cards in one PC


    My subnet is

    I've added a second LAN card to PC1 and set is up as follows:

    eth0 on PC1's IP is and connects to a NanoBridge that connects to an Intranet

    eth1 on PC1's IP is and connects to PC2 via LAN cable

    eth0 on PC2's IP is

    adsl modem is

    What settings must I adjust on PC1 so that I can:

    a) access PC1's file share from PC2 via LAN cable

    b) still be able to access the Intranet from PC2

    Keeping in mind that in the above scenario:

    eth0 on PC1 connects to an Intranet via a NanoBridge

    eth1 on PC1 will connect to PC2 via LAN cable

    so far the only way I can think of is to:

    bridge eth0 and eth1 to create a bridged interface

    Will the above work and or is there a better way?

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