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Thread: WiFi switch stop working, 12.04

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    Question WiFi switch stop working, 12.04


    I have an Asus B23E notebook with Intel's wireless advanced N 6230 installed (I guess it's not standard for that notebook).

    The problem is that after OFF/ON sequence with the wifi hardware switch, wifi doesn't come back. I see only 'wireless is disabled by hardware switch' despite it's ON again and the bluetooth recovers fine from the OFF state.

    To recover wifi I need reboot.

    The most disturbing is that for some time after installation the hardware switch worked well. I don't remember fooling around any settings related to wifi (why would I if it worked really well).
    So why the swtich stop worked and how I can get it back to work as it should?

    Everytime Ubuntu makes progress with stuff like that, than comes this bad buy: regress - and takes it back :'(

    Any solution or tips are welcome, please Shall I debug or what?

    EDIT: I added some logs as attachment and results of what have I tried.
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