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Thread: Wine Mono Question for 12.04

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    Wine Mono Question for 12.04

    I'm a new user of Wine (non-liquid). There have been two updates, and after both of them, I got a notice:

    "We could not find a Mono package which is needed for .NET applications to work correctly. Wine can automatically download and install it for you.
    NOTE it is recommended to use your distributions packages instead. See for details."

    This is very confusing. The first time I just clicked "Install", and things seemed to work ok. Now the winehq page says "Users who want to avoid download prompts can run the script to install both gecko and mono in /usr/share/wine." Is this script the best way to go for reliable operation without warnings? If not, what is the best way? Preferably by script, or VERY clear step-by-step instructions.

    I have Wine 1.5.7 .


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    Re: Wine Mono Question for 12.04

    Moved to Wine sub-forum.
    Thank you for your contributions. "So long and thanks for the fish!"

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