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Thread: Weirdest Charging Issue Ever - Dell XPS 13 - Dual Boot

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    Weirdest Charging Issue Ever - Dell XPS 13 - Dual Boot

    Hi folks,

    I was a longtime Ubuntu user but have recently been using Fedora 16. I just purchased a new laptop (Dell XPS 13) and have the weirdest charging issue I've ever encountered. It's not a dealbreaker per se but it is strange!

    I dual boot with Windows 7 and Fedora 16 and if I'm using the computer (either OS) and have the AC cable plugged in, everything charges as it should, but here's the strange thing: if I turn off the computer, it stops charging! The only way to get it to charge while off, is to pull out the cord and then plug it back in! I've had a lot of computers in my day and I've never seen anything like this ever!

    It's not a huge burden or anything but I'd like to fix it if possible. Is anyone else having this issue?
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    Re: Weirdest Charging Issue Ever - Dell XPS 13 - Dual Boot

    That is strange!! Since the operating system is completely shut down it sounds like it's a hardware issue. Did the issue just start when you installed Fedora or did you just notice it and are not sure when the issue started.

    Btw what do you think of your XPS13, when you installed Fedora was is just put the disc in and go or were there some unexpected surprises along the way?

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