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    Re: Dell Duo Setup Guide

    Hi! I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 with kernel, and the eGTouch daemon driver (2012-06-21).

    I'm having problems with the navigation on Nautilus. With touch, I can roll the file list (just like an Android/iOs in a tablet or cellphone), but when I try to click in some file or folder, the system seems to don't recognize the click, or a double-click. So, I can't open files or folder when navigation. In the left pane, I can click on the mapped folders (like Music, Images, etc), but on the main window, I can't navigate.

    When I use the test area for mouse configuration, the simple and double click are recognized.

    When I try the right click, the pointer moves down, and always display the menu for a right clicking in the blank area of a folder. So, when I try to right click a specific folder or file, the menu that appears is related to the relative root folder, with the pointer moved.

    With some research, I have found a bug listed on Launchpad, relating this sort of problem to kernel modifications and suggesting a try to upgrade to a RC kernel.

    Is there anyone with the same problem? Is there a know solution for this?

    Thank in advance!
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