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Thread: Jack settings eee pc 1005ha for 12.04

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    Jack settings eee pc 1005ha for 12.04

    Hello all. I did a fresh install of Ubuntu studio 12.04 on my eee pc 1005ha and i love it. I have reaper working via wineasio and wine. However I'm getting a lot of xruns when I run the Linux version of energyxt2. What are some ideal jack settings for this eee pc or is it another issue?

    I like to do some things in energyxt2 and don't want to give up on it. Thanks

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    Re: Jack settings eee pc 1005ha for 12.04

    You might actually be better off using a windows version
    of eXT in wine. xruns that are not audible glitches, are
    not a huge issue. In general, anything related to being
    cool, should be nixxed in the bios, webcam, networking,
    bluetooth etc. Use htop to ID software running at boot time,
    and remove it from auto-start. And make sure cpu scaling is off.

    Some software, Rakarrack being one, has quality options for cpu intensive tasks, which can be altered in a pinch. Using 24/96 type settings on a netbook won't be useful, stick to 16/44.


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