I have a dual boot system (Windows 7 / Mint 13) and I would like all of the podcasts I've already downloaded using iTunes to show up in the podcast section of Banshee (or Rhythmbox). That way I could add any podcast to my ipod using Linux, regardless of which OS I was using when I downloaded it.

Note: Before subscribing to any podcasts in Banshee I set its podcast download directory to the iTunes podcast folder on my Windows partition (where all of my old "iTunes" podcasts are already stored). When I subscribe to a podcast that I had subscribed to in iTunes--say, This American Life--Banshee uses the existing iTunes folder but doesn't display any of the already-downloaded episodes. (New episodes downloaded in Banshee have a different file-naming protocol, though.)

One thing that's strange is it's impossible to have podcasts I downloaded in Rhythmbox show up in Banshee (and vice versa) even though they use the same exact file names. I found this thread which gives some complicated workarounds, but I feel like this shouldn't be too much harder than importing regular mp3s into Banshee. Was wondering if any progress has been made, as linux users--according to many thread posts I came across--have been wanting to do this since the mid 2000s. Does anyone know if progress has been made on this issue?