Hi all, I've been using Ubuntu since 8.04 and I've noticed one big change when I updated to 12.04.

I prefer to view my default view in nautilus to be:

  • list view (zoom 33%/smallest)
  • arranged by Modification Date
  • and reverse order (so that the newest things added in a folder are displayed on top instead of on bottom)

In the past, I used gconf-editor, went to apps->nautilus->list view and I could do all three of these. In particular there was a checkbox to "default sort in reverse order." In 12.04 gconf-editor does not have any of these options.

In the nautilus file menu edit->preferences I can set the default view to list, arrange by modification date, but there is no option to view by reverse order.

I've spent an hour trying to solve this, but haven't found an answer anywhere. Any idea how I can sort by reverse order by default?