We have 200 new Acer Aspire One 722 with the BCM4313 card. There were major connection problems with 11.04, but upgrading to 12.04 on kernel 3.3 has been more reliable. However, there was an issue where the laptops were connecting and then losing the ability to ping. The issue is intermittent, while trying to track it down I ran tail -f /var/log/syslog and see that every 20 seconds or so this message is displayed.

brcms_ops_bss_info_changed: qos enabled: true (implement)

About every 60 seconds this message is also mixed in:

brcms_c_dotxstatus: Intermediate but not AMPDU

These messages are appearing while the laptop is succefully connected and constantly ping testing (I am getting 97% successful ping returns), so they are aren't error messages per se, but I was wondering if they might be a clue to why there are occasional losses of connectivity. Trouble shooting intermittent issues is tough!