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Right now the server is at my home, but when running, I will take it to the school where I teach.
2yes it will be the dhcp server for an LAN with 30+ clients which run wxp. So, although right now its getting dhcp from the WAN, it'spurpose is to be the dhcp server and have a static ip and access the internet through fiber modem.
It will also be email host, host our website,and serve database.
3 the cat5 connected between eth0 and my laptop is to use the laptop as an example of LAN, as a test bed.
You can't use the laptop as an example of a LAN unless a dhcp server is running on it. Is it?

When you simply connect the test server to the laptop, nothing will happen. Especially if you connect them directly with a cable, not using a hub or switch. For direct cable connection you would need cross-over cable, and most network cables are not. Teh yare standard straight-through cables and need to be used with a switch/hub.

But in any case, your test can't work without dhcp server running on the laptop.

So, at the end, will this server be a dhcp server for the LAN or that will be the server? Because if this server is not supposed to be dhcp for the LAN, you don't actually need two interfaces. In that case the server will be just like any computer on the LAN, it can have its static IP, but will be receiving internet from the same router like all the other computers. That means only one interface is needed.