I'm new to ftp servers, and Ubuntu. I got vsftpd to install and setup with your tutorial. I am just a little confused on how to configure the users part. All I need to do is setup 2 specific users that I want to allow to login and send (upload) files to vsftpd. These will be from 2 computers on my home network only, nothing from outside the home. And I need to specify 1 particular folder for both to send the files to vsftpd on the Ubuntu computer. Actually, I want the folder to be on the 2nd drive in the Ubuntu computer, it is: /media/Drive2/FTP. I want to restrict the 2 specified users that can login and send files to vsftpd on Ubuntu to only be able to see or connect to this second drive, and the folder named FTP. I don't want to allow anonymous users to login.
Can you please explain how to do this? I'm thinking that you mean that I have to create a new file to list the new users and their passwords, and the specific drive/folder they can upload to?
Thanks in advance for anyone who can help?