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Thread: Some Issues with Avant Window Navigator

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    Question Some Issues with Avant Window Navigator

    I've got a few problems with the dock Avant Window Navigator. I'm using Lubuntu 12.04. I'm using Lubuntu on an old Pentium 4, so lightweight is important.

    1) The garbage applet works for emptying the trash, but when I click on it to open the trash, instead of opening it in the default file manager (PCManFM, it opens the default web browser. It doesn't show the contents of the trash either, just the browser's start page.

    2) I'm trying to replace lxpanel with the dock. But when lxpanel is shut off my hotkeys (like "Alt+F2" for the "run" dialog) do not work. Is there a way to set hotkeys for AWN?

    3) Does anyone know how to change the main menu icon? I'm told that the menu applets in AWN use the theme's icon. If it's important I am using Yet Another Menu Applet.

    Below is a screenshot of AWN on my system.
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