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Thread: Ubuntu 12.04 Recent Update Breaks Network Services

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    Ubuntu 12.04 Recent Update Breaks Network Services


    I recently updated ubuntu using the automatic update and it broke my network services. Luckily, after a lot of research and history I found the solution and want to post it for everyone who runs into this issue.

    For starters after the upgrade when turning the computer on I got the message "Waiting for network configuration" and "waiting up to 60 more seconds for network configuration"

    After it finally booted i had no network access wireless or on the lan. When i tried opening the network tool i got the error "The system network services are not compatible with this version"

    FInally the fix that I came up with:

    There appears to be an issue with the latest update of network manager. If you open software center, go to history, search keyword "Network" you will probably see "network-manager (,"

    If you see this then you have the same problem as I did. The solution is to downgrade to version 3: Search in google "ubuntu network-manager package" and select the link -> scroll down the page to "network-manager-dbg" select the precise (debug) ubuntu3 version.

    Download the 4 related packages for your system (amd64 or i386):

    network-manager (=
    network management framework (daemon and userspace tools)
    or libnm-util2 (=
    network management framework (shared library)
    or libnm-glib4 (=
    network management framework (GLib shared library)
    or libnm-glib-vpn1 (=
    network management framework (GLib VPN shared library)

    install each of them using the command "sudo dpkg -i FILENAME"

    restart your computer and that should fix your problem! I hope this helps some and for those of you in the know can you please report this most recent update as broken? Thanks and good luck!
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