I think the Wiki format is very friendly and wonderful for beginners.

A lot of hard work clearly went into both the presentation and editing.

I do have a couple of concerns, and they mainly involve non-beginners finding information quickly in the Wiki format.

If I'm looking for something relatively specific (some question involving streaming, transcoding or similar), I may be able to find something relevant in the wiki documentation, but there doesn't appear to be a substantive place to have the active discussions which bring that documentation to life and also serve to highlight those places the documentation can be expanded.

The level of clicks required to get to information related to a specific area of interest also seems to have increased from the forum format. I think this may be slightly inevitable in a wiki-style format, but maybe it's something to keep in mind.

For example, if I'm looking for a wiki section containing articles related to transcoding, how many clicks does it take to get there from the front page?

If I'm someone who doesn't know what transcoding is, yet I'm searching for that kind of functionality, minimizing the clicks it takes to access that level of granularity in the documentation is going to ensure more people get the documentation they need.

Anyway, those are just a couple of small points. I'm quite impressed with how polished the wiki is at this point.

Thanks again to all those who've maintained/expanded/evolved the documentation over the years!