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Thread: First Time Ubuntu User Experience

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    Unhappy First Time Ubuntu User Experience on a mac


    I tried to install Ubuntu on this MacBookPro 5,3 , but on the download page it only gives you the wrong image.
    Even in the documentation it points you there, resulting in that you download the wrong image, but
    then i find out, that you can use this alternate iso for mac via google.

    Ok, sounds good!

    So i downloaded that, following the instructions to the letter and tried to install Ubuntu, but it just gets me a black screen.

    Lets go ask in the forums!

    People are nice and tell me to use certain values, that edit the boot parameters, altho there are no clear instruction how exactly it should look.

    Do i put the nomodeset behind the splash, before it or do i replace it?

    Adding to that there were several sources with several answers on the net.

    So i ended up installing it with aspci=off on a laptop, because someone said so as an alternative, but i did not check this command for myself and i learned that this can turn of cooling.
    On a laptop.
    In summer.

    So then i googled for a fix, trying to turn aspci back on without having to reinstall the whole system, because i already installed updates, new programms and stuff; making all the features of the MacBook work (something, which i enjoyed). But now after the login my touchpad and keybord wont work anymore,
    although the clock still does.

    So i tried booting into recovery mode and choosing something like repair GRUB and then i booted into the system, but the GRUB config file was empty, when i searched for it in terminal. Ok, so this probably had something to do with it being recovery mode, right.
    What do i know.

    Alright, enough for one day.

    I tried to boot back into mac os x, so i could read an open book about ubuntu for newbies on the couch, but it simply would not boot into it anymore.
    For unknown reasons refit stopped working. Like i could not even boot from my usb stick anymore, it always resulted in the broken Ubuntu being booted instead.

    Is there anyone out there who can show me how to repair it?

    You know, i really would like to reccomend Ubuntu, but not without more detailed instructions and getting it to work in the first place.
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    Re: First Time Ubuntu User Experience

    Oh my this does not sound good at all. This might be the only big problem i see in Linux, as it can be hard to install for unexperienced users, letting them mess up their old system as well.

    I would really like to help you, but sadly i have no ownership of any apple product, not to speak of a MacBook and so, i do not have any expirience with those machines and how Ubuntu reacts on them.

    Hope you will get both systems live and kickin' again

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    Re: First Time Ubuntu User Experience


    i have mac os x running again. altho i cannot say how.
    properly it needed a break from the cultural shock.
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