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Did you slow down the speed (which also changes the pitch) or just the tempo (which leaves the pitch alone but, for me, leaves a stuttery sound)?

(I am using Audacity, by the way.)

I've attached two files, being the first 2.3 seconds slowed down by 90%. One is slowed speed, and the other slowed tempo.

I have searched the help but don't know how to increase the low tones. Please share how you did it.
I meant speed (pitch affected).
About the tones, just full-open the lower 1/3 of your equalizer (i forgot where it is in audacity).

The reason i said about the file format is because mp3'll cut off the lowest tones, you may not hear them, but they add one key feeling.

I used mixxx (load the mp3 file, set the pitchslider's range to 90% and fully drag it down; used the 3rd eq knob (a.k.a. Low tones) of the deck set to the 3 o'clock (where 12 is the default/center position) and turned on recording.).
Combine that with speakers whose bass speaker alone is the size of my face (the entire thing is the size of a chair) and a good amp; i could even see the bass move back and forth very slowly but very far on some tones.