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Thread: ibus add language

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    ibus add language

    I use English, German, Spanish and Chinese. So I need ibus.

    It is installed, but, as you can see from the screenshot, I only have Chinese. I cannot add the other languages, as they are not in the list.

    Normally there should be a very long list of languages to choose from, but all I have is Chinese!! Boohoo!

    How can I get the other choices, in order to install German and Spanish??
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    Re: ibus add language

    Thanks, but I just figured it out: I only really need to change the keyboard layout, and I just discovered how to do that, so problem solved for Spanish and German.

    Is there a problem solved button in this forum? I can't see it.

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    Re: ibus add language

    for languages press the Super(Windows) key to open the dash and type "system settings" then open that and select 'Language support'...

    There you can use the 'install/remove languages' and then drag to reorder them.

    and here is a how-to (for installing japanese so substitute for the language you require.)

    Is there a problem solved button in this forum?
    At the top of your first post in this thread, click on Thread tools and it is in the drop-down menu.
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