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Thread: Shells not detected?

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    Shells not detected?

    Someone can help me? I'm trying to switch from sh shell to dash to install a framework.
    Dash is present in my /bin directory but when I type:
    chsh -l
    The shells list fail to show up.
    Even with:
    su -s dash
    I get "Cannot execute dash: No such file or directory"...
    Also when I install my famework, I get this error message:
    The installer has detected that your system uses the dash shell
    as /bin/sh. This shell is not supported by the installer.
    You can work around this problem by changing /bin/sh to be a
    symbolic link to a supported shell such as bash.
    For example, on Ubuntu systems, execute this shell command:
    % sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow dash
    Install as /bin/sh? No
    Please refer to the Getting Started guide for more information,
    or contact CodeSourcery Support for assistance.
    So I tried to use:
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure -plow dash
    I seems to work but again when I reexecute my framework bin I still have the same message...
    Someone know how to solve this?
    Thank you

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    Re: Shells not detected?

    no one?

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    Re: Shells not detected?

    your post is kind of confusing... did you actually try what the installer suggested?

    sudo ln -sf bash /bin/sh
    you can always revert it after with

    sudo ln -sf dash /bin/sh

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    Re: Shells not detected?

    Thank you very much, everything works now


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