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Do SYSTEM76 laptops work well?? better than main stream laptops, like Dell, HP or Toshiba??
If I could get $200 for my Lemur I'd take it. Its flimsy with a horrid keyboard. Had I an opportunity to feel it prior to purchase Id of never done it. It also has a flimsy cover on the back of the lcd. I took it out of my bag one day and the lcd was shattered. System 76 tried to tell me I closed a pencil on it or something. The wanted $400 + replace the screen. Then after begging them to sell me a screen as if I was after the queen mums balls they wanted an insane price for just a screen and insisted it could not be replaced. Enter google, $115 and about 20 minutes and I was back in business. I sill can't wrap my head around who they want to be their customer.

There are many companies I will not do business with as a result of their business practices. I'll happily pay more from a small company to support it depending on what its up to. I have never been in a Wallmart, I am done forever with Exxon/Mobil, BP, Micro$oft and others. All that said Dell would at least sell you the friggin part. IMHO Thinkpads have the only usable keyboards and generally are reliable but ya cant get a new one without an OS.

I had a zareason prior to this system 76. It was well built and fabulously constructed but the modem never worked and after a month of being jerked about by their tech support and the CEO I sent it back did a charge back as vendors are required to deliver working products, contrary to what the CEO was trying to blow up my skirt.

I say again people: HOW BIG should 12.04 be as mine is 30+gigs and what is the work around to reclaim some of my HD space?