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Thread: Convert doc to xml

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    Convert doc to xml

    I have a bunch of doc documents (Microsoft Word, not docx, can't open in archive manager). I want to convert them to xml, batch style.

    It is important that the xml document contain info about:

    • all the text
    • new lines
    • tab
    • styles like
      • small capitals
      • italics
      • bold

    Other than that, a not too complicated xml format.

    Any suggestions?
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    Re: Convert doc to xml

    You can run Libre Office Writer from the command line to do that. Go to their web site and have a look around.

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    Re: Convert doc to xml

    Okay, it seems this is on the right track.

    $ libreoffice --headless --invisible --convert-to xml test.doc
    My guess is I will have to twiddle either the infilter or the outfilter to keep all the formatting.

    New line is preserved, so is all the text. Tab is converted into a couple of spaces. Small caps, bold and italics is just lost.

    So, any suggestions for what I should use as filters (in and out) are welcome.
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