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Thread: IE7, Wine and Javascript

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    IE7, Wine and Javascript

    I'm currently trying to set up a proper environment to test my site, in IE7. I've managed to install IE using winetricks but even after a few hours of trying, I'm unable to get javascript working.

    Is there anyone who has had this problem in the past or knows of a possible solution? It's quite a critical problem since the very code that I'm trying to test is an IE specific javascript.

    More specifically, I've got these embedded google maps on most location pages. I recently switched them from iframes to object tags in order to comply with xhtml strict standards. The only problem is that IE doesn't know how to handle them now and so this script is going to detect IE and then put the iframes back.
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    Re: IE7, Wine and Javascript

    I have also same problem Javascript not working with wine in ubuntu. I have enabled script from menu -> tools -> Internet Options, but till not working in ie7.
    Can any one suggest proper way to work javascript in ie7.


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