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Thread: [SOLUTION] Ubuntu Wireless Connection Problems

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    [SOLUTION] Ubuntu Wireless Connection Problems

    This is my first post, and in fact, I signed up only to make this post after finding a solution to a problem that I have been having for a while. I am here to (try to) help, so forgive me if these solutions have been posted or the formatting is wrong.
    This may work on Ubuntu variants, but I have only tested it on 12.04 Precise Pangolin.

    Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee that these will work, proceed at your own risk. I am no expert when it comes to Linux, and there is no promise that nothing bad will happen to your system. You have been warned.

    Possible Solution One: Search Additional Drivers in the Dash Home, and click the result. From there, choose a driver and click activate. [This won't likely have a wireless driver, but is a possible solution.]

    Possible Solution Two: In the terminal [Ctrl+Alt+T or search Terminal in Dash Home], run
    sudo rfkill unblock all

    This usually removes the soft block, and you can check by using command
    rfkill list all

    Possible Solution Three: In the terminal [see step two], use the command
    sudo apt-get update
    Put in your password, and once this process is completed, use
    sudo apt-get upgrade
    The update command updates repositories, and the upgrade command installs new packages. This may take a few minutes. After completed, restart the computer.
    More about the apt-get command, click here.

    Possible Solution Four: If your wireless network is disabled by A Hardware Switch according to Ubuntu, but the wireless button itself doesn't seem to be doing anything, this is a possible solution. When turning on the computer, press the wireless button (or switch) once on your computer between the BIOS screen and the actual boot menu (where you choose your operating system or the default OS actually starts) on startup.

    Possible Solution Five: Reset BIOS. When turning on your computer, look for a message concerning boot options or BIOS. Press that key and open the BIOS from there. In the BIOS, load defaults usually by pressing F9 and then confirming your changes.

    Hopefully, one of these steps will help you with your problem. Step 5 solved my issue. If there are any changes I should make, or any new ideas, reply/message me and I will add it and give you credit. Good luck, and I hope this post helps!

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    Re: [SOLUTION] Ubuntu Wireless Connection Problems

    Thank you for sharing your discoveries.

    By the way, here is how to mark a thread as solved.
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