DISCLAIMER: I would be very surprised if this sort of thread had not been done before, but I searched for "Creative Commons" and went back in the search results for a year... and I clicked the "Check if Already Posted" thingy and nothing came up... so here we go!

It's probably fair to say that parallels can be drawn between music released under most Creative Commons licenses and software released under the GPL. (Yes, that was full of weasel words and no, I am not gonna bother backing that assertion up).

As such, the idea of this thread is to post great music (preferably albums) released under a Creative Commons license, with a short review / description, and with feedback on the records encouraged from others. Fundamentally though this thread is about getting to know great new music from artists who are willing to put it out there, so if the odd non-CC free download album appears, I am certainly not gonna play ogre (but please don't post non-CC individual tracks).

To get the ball rolling I will post these (links in the titles):

My Bubba & Mi - How it's Done in Italy (2010) Beep! Beep! Back up the Truck Records

Fantastic female vocals singing songs that bounce between folk and lullabies - this is a beautiful album full of catchy, delicate, and memorable songs... I really love it.

Available for streaming and free or pay what you want download, and there is a physical album you can buy.

Archipelago - Have Here (2010) Quote Unquote Records

Quote Unquote is one of my favourite netlabels. This record admittedly starts a bit slow, with 3 nondescript instrumentals among the first 5 tracks, but then it gets going, and damn there are some great songs on it. The label's description is "Light, airy, slightly depressing - all the good stuff. For fans of Elliot Smith, +/-, Papermoons, emo-era Jimmy Eat World... floating, swimming, etc". Which is probably fair... melodic and melancholy...

Available for free download, with the option to donate.

Literature - Arab Spring (2012) Square of Opposition / Austin Town Hall Records

Jangly happy powerpoppy goodness. Distortion, melody, rockiness, this is lots of fun.

Available for free download, with the option to donate, and there is a physical album you can buy.

Entertainment for the Braindead - Roadkill (2010) Aaahh Records

Aahh Records is my other favourite netlabel, and Entertainment for the Braindead my favourite artist on it... EFTB is singer/songwriter Julia Kotowski, whose music is simply breathtaking, haunting, poignant, wonderful. She is quite prolific, with a number of releases. Roadkill is one of them, a great little album of songs primarily featuring a banjo alongside Julia's beautiful voice.

Available for free download with option to donate.

So, there are four, just to get things started...

Hopefully this thread will not fall flat on it's face!