Good afternoon everyone. I have have been using openssl to encrypt my compressed files. I recently decided to try GPG and like how it's as easy to use as openssl. I did, however, have one problem with it.

When encrypting files with a passphrase in openssl, you have to know the exact cipher used(along with the passphrase) to decrypt the file. Openssl will not give you any hints as to what cipher was used.

GnuPG, however, will not only tell you what cipher was used(regardless of whether you entered the correct passphrase or not)--but will also decrypt the file if the correct passphrase is entered even if a cipher algorithm was never specified!

Here are my questions...:
1) Is there a way to prevent GPG from announcing what cipher was used to encrypt a file before decryption?

2) Is there a way to require users to specify the cipher needed to decrypt a file with GPG?

3) If the two questions above are not possible, are there other alternatives?

I ask the third question because I ran into a problem where I had to temporarily use a Windows computer and there were no binary packages for openssl available for Windows. Without access to openssl, I couldn't access my encrypted files.

I really love openssl, but I need to use a program that is accessible from virtually every major operating system. I love GPG, but do not like(what appears to me) the default security methods.

Thank you all in advance.