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Thread: Gmusicbrowser only detecting 116 songs

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    Unhappy Gmusicbrowser only detecting 116 songs

    Hi all, I decided to give Xubuntu a try because Lubuntu is, IMO, too lightweight, and I thought it was missing a few features.

    Right away after plugging in my LiveUSB drive, I was pleased with the interface and, while having the Applications menu and dock will take a bit getting used to, overall I thought this was for me. So I installed it, but now I can't get the default music player that comes with Xubuntu, gmusicbrowser, to work.

    I like GMB's interface (even if the level of customization can be a little confusing at first) and I'd like to try it out. However, it is only detecting 116 of my thousands of songs. I have added /home/username/Music to the Library dialog, and even tried adding every single folder within the Music one just in case it doesn't scan recursively (which was a pain to remove them all I might add). But no matter how many times I click that "Rescan Collection" button, it's just not working.

    I have the "Check for updated/deleted songs on startup, Search for new songs on startup, and Automatically remove current song if not found" boxes checked in the Library tab in Settings, and the "Do not add songs that can't be played" box unchecked. All the songs that are detected play perfectly fine, but that's not very helpful if I only have a small handful available to me.

    I will try another player, probably Banshee, but I'd still like to know what's going on?

    EDIT: It turns out ALL music players are only detecting those few songs. I may have copied the folders wrong from the backup drive. I really hope the backup's not corrupted...
    I'll edit again if that's what it was.

    EDIT 1: So the backup's file permissions were set to root-only... I fixed it, re-transferred all the files, and now both gmusicbrowser and Banshee detect them. Though Banshee still detects hundreds more files than gmusicbrowser, so I think I'll stick to that.
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