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Thread: Shockwave Flash Firefox plugin freezing system

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    Shockwave Flash Firefox plugin freezing system

    Whenever I visit an ebay page in firefox my whole system freezes for several minutes. A new process is being created (plugin-container) that is taking ~3.8GB of RAM, and since I only have 4GB installed this is causing my computer to use swap space which is drastically slowing things down. See the attached screenshot for an example, as firefox tries to load the plugin at the lower right corner, a single process begins taking up more and more memory (the screenshot was taken midway through, it peaks at 3.8GB). After a while it gives up, firefox says the plugin failed to load, the process terminates and my system becomes usable again (See the second screenshot).

    If I disable the shockwave flash add on in firefox I experience no slow down, but can't watch any flash videos like youtube etc.

    Is this a known bug, is there a fix for it?
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