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Thread: Need some help configuring my Firewall

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    Need some help configuring my Firewall

    I searched but I couldn't find anything related to my current situation. My router connects to the internet and connects the clients together. I have 2 windows clients and this Mint client on that Lan. Now I just added a second card to my Mint machine so that I could segment the LAN and attach another switch. The reason for this is:
    1. All the wires are run and I can't run anymore
    2. The router is gigabit and so are the clients except the 2nd Mint card I just installed
    3. I do lots of computer repair work and I want an internal private LAN to connect suspect computers

    Basically I want the 2nd internal LAN to be able to access the internet but not talk to any of the 1st LAN clients and vice versa.
    I tried a few things with Firestarter but I can't seem to get from my Windows machine to the SMB share on my Mint box.

    In the meantime I will keep searching. Thanks

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    Re: Need some help configuring my Firewall

    Hi MonctonJohn.

    Here's an idea, that I've been researching myself lately. I don't have all the details, but so far I know this is possible

    The ideal situation would be to have another device that serves as a firewall/router. For example, you can buy another router to that job, or configure your Mint machine to do that.

    Here's come virtual machines to the rescue. You can create a virtual machine in your Mint computer that is dedicate 100% to handle all firewall tasks, routing, DNS, restrictions, etc.

    There are several distributions that need very low resources, and are designed to do just that: firewall and router tasks. They are usually install in minutes, and are easily admin by a web interface. For instance: IPCop, M0n0wall and PfSense.

    In particular PfSense has a very good reputation, and for a lot of people is the best firewall around.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Re: Need some help configuring my Firewall

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