It seems that this widespread problem. I am wondering if there were recent advances.
Basically the Internet through wired connection, is slow, with time intervals where there is no connection at all. This apparently is a problem with Realtek RTL8111/8168B card.
There are two known problems:

1) The driver r8169 does not function properly, and one needs to use r8168 instead. I did that by following the instructions of http://unixblogger.wordpress.com/201...ethernet-card/

2) Some issues with dual booting Windows 7 and Ubuntu, which apparently is solved by a hard restart (holding the power button down for 30 s, and unplugging the power cord for 3 mins)

I tried both solutions but to no avail.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance

System specifications:

Aurora R3
Dual Boot Windows 7/Ubuntu 12.04